<img src="code_num.php" id="getcode_num" title="Refresh Captcha" align="absmiddle" />
<input name="code_num" id="code_num" type="text" />

$(document).ready(function() {
   $.validator.addMethod('checkCaptcha', function() {
    var bfr = false;
     var code = $('#code_num').val();
     var phpquery = $.ajax({url:'chk_code.php',
       type: 'POST',
       async: false,
       data:'act=num&code=' + code,
       success:function(resp) {
         if (resp == 'true') {
           bfr = true;
      return true;
    } else {
     $('#getcode_num').attr('src','code_num.php?' + Math.random());
     return false;
     onkeyup: false,
        code_num: {
          required: true,
          checkCaptcha: true
         checkCaptcha: 'Your Captcha response was incorrect. Please try again.'

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